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    Find Home Builder, Home Improvement, Contractor, New Home Builders, Floor Plans, Manufactured and Custom Homes.
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    Sales Director Partner Listing
    Supply stone, granite, marble, slabs, tiles, strips, countertop, vanity top, carving, tombstone, monuments, gardening stone.

    Accord Steel Detailing:China Xsteel modeling:steel detailing:professional steel detailer Partner Listing
    Accord Steel detailing services for structural and miscellaneous steel. China Xsteel modeling, steel detailing service supplier, professional steel detailer.

    Ningbo Fit Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
    Chinese company manufactures and exports shower heads, valves, faucets, hoses, fittings, shower rooms, and other plumbing and bathroom accessories.

    House of Antique Hardware
    Your source for antique and vintage reproduction house hardware available in our online catalog!
    We stock over 1400 items including door, window, cabinet, electrical hardware and bath accents.

    A-Pex Systems
    Equipment for concrete construction and road building, demolition by diamond wall, wire saw, and core drilling equipment, repair, ship maintenance and marine tools, concrete and steel floor preparation by shotblast.

    Advance Specialist Treatment Engineer Ltd.
    Offers corrosion protection works in Hong Kong and China.

    Specializes in trading used excavators and machinery.

    Anderson Asphalt Limited
    Asphalt provider.

    Anji Flying Eagle Crafts Factory
    Offers a range of wood and bamboo products including garden fences, tools, and outdoor furniture.

    Anji Tianfeng Bamboo & Rattan Products Factory
    Manufacturer and exporter of bamboo, rattan, and wooden handles.

    Apex Door Service
    Distributor and installer of automatic door systems for industrial and commercial door applications.

    Architectural Precast GRC
    Provides engineering design, manufacturing, and installation of glassfibre reinforced cement products.

    Arnhold Group
    Distributes a wide range of construction products in Hong Kong and mainland China.
    Building material trading and auction platform. Also provides e-commerce enabled portal design services.

    ATI Tectoniks Limited
    Manufacturer of specialized equipment for earthing protection, including earthing electrodes, exothermic welding, and testing equipment for earthing/grounding and other electrical applications.

    BaiRi Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
    Providing design, consulting, leasing, and production services related to construction formwork and scaffolding systems.

    Bast Lighting
    Manufacturer and exporter of electronic ballasts, transformers, and emergency lighting sets.

    Beijing Eminent Industry and Trading Co., Ltd.
    Exporter of Chinese roofing and flooring slate including sandstone, quartzite, and stone carving.

    Beijing Long River Slate Company
    Manufactures and exports Chinese slate, sandstone, quartzite, mosaic, limestone, and other stones for roofing, paving, and cladding uses.

    Beijing Volonghill Natural Stone
    Manufacturer and supplier of Chinese natural stones including slate, quartzite, sandstone, and decorative marble carvings.

    BeiJing Wonder Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment CO., Ltd.
    Manufactures and services centralized air-conditioners and terminal units.

    Beijing Yanqing Machine & Electronics Factory
    Manufacturers of air conditioners and pipe making machines.

    Canr Ceiling
    Develops and produces a variety of ceiling products.

    Provides door locks, knob cylinders, latches, and electronic access control system.

    Specializes in colorwash and faux painting for residential and commercial buildings.

    CE Lighting
    Producing energy saving lamps, halogen lights, fixtures, and control gears.

    ChangZhou Choice Electronic Material Factory
    Manufacturer and exporter of various plugs and jacks, audio and video cables, coaxial cables, antennas, speakers, and other products.

    Changzhou Xinchen Raised Access Floor Co.,Ltd.
    Specializes in the manufacture of moveable static-proof steel flooring.

    Manufacturer and exporter of natural stone products including cobble stones, granite pavers, tiles, slabs, and more.

    Chigo Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturers units and fittings with silicon controlled regulators.

    China Beijing Corporation for International Economic Cooperation
    Importers and exporters of marble granite.

    China Black Stone
    Offers granite blocks, monuments, sculptures, and slabs.

    China Equipment Services
    Sells construction and mining equipment including rockdrills, downhole hammers, bulldozers, loaders, and forklifts.

    China Fujian Xinhong Stone Co., Ltd.
    Exporter and manufacturer of stone products.

    China Jianlong Shower Heads Manufacturer
    Manufactures and exports shower heads, hand showers, shower holders, bathroom accessories, and sanitary plumbing fittings.

    China Kangyi Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of sanitary fittings, kitchen and bathroom faucets, and mixer taps.

    China Kolego Sanitary Ware & Faucet Manufacturer
    Manufactures and exports sanitary wares, faucets for bathroom and kitchen, sanitary fittings, valves, and more.

    China Retten Infrared Sensor Automatic Sanitary Wares
    Manufacturer and exporter of infrared sensor automatic sanitary wares, soap dispensers, urinal flushers, faucets, and hand dryers.

    China Stone Enterprises Limited
    Manufactures and supplies granites including tiles, slabs, tombstones, pavements, monuments, and handicrafts.

    China Wenzhou Qimeng Electric Co., Ltd.
    Produces halogen and outdoor lights, light fittings, and electric vaporizers used to kill mosquitoes.

    Craft Projects
    Supplier and contractor of structural steel building, wall and roof cladding, enamel panels, curtain walling, and more.

    Manufacturers and exporters of faucets and sanitary accessories.

    Dongguan Jiali Hardware & Electrical Appliances Factory
    Manufacturer and exporter of transformers, lamps, ballasts, rectifiers, voltage regulators, fluorescent lighting fixtures, stoves, chargers, and socket and lamp holders.

    Dulmison Zibo Insulators Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures transmission and distribution insulators.

    DY Refrigeration
    Manufacturer of ammonia adsorption refrigeration.

    Eastern American
    Supplier of pre-engineered metal buildings, and developer of industrial parks in China.

    Eastern Trend Engineering Ltd.
    Offers new and used concrete pumps and parts.
    Serving electrical, mechanical and building industries with news, directory of suppliers, products, and contractors.

    Everbright Lighting & Electrical
    Supplies and manufactures miniature bulbs, flashlight bulbs, halogen bulbs, LED flashlights, torches, fluorescent lamps, and lights.

    Evercrete International (Asia) Ltd.
    Manufacturing and distributing products for enhancing the durability of construction projects in concrete, stone, brick, or timber.

    Fengyi Lighting Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.
    Manufacturer of aluminium end caps for fluorescent bulbs.

    Fineway Business Development
    Manufacturer and exporter of sanitary wares, including toilets, lavatories, sinks, glass basins, whirlpools, tubs, faucets, and bathroom fixtures and accessories in China.

    Fire Services Installation Contractors of Hong Kong Ltd.

    Focus Solar
    Produces solar water heaters for household, swimming pool, spa, and floor heating.

    Formica (Asia) LImited
    Offers high pressure laminates, associated component products, and solid surfacing materials.

    Fujian Handsome Bamboo Flooring Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures and exports bamboo flooring.

    Fuzhou Limin Stone Products Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of Chinese and western-style stone for building and landscaping, Japanese-style tombstones, sculptures of figures, animals, and Buddhas, and granitic tiles and slabs.

    Fuzhou Yongdeji Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures energy saving lamps.

    Gammon Iron Gate Co., Ltd.
    Produces automatic gates for factories, shopping malls, and households.

    Gammon Skanska Limited
    Construction company serving China and Southeast Asia.

    GFL Lighting Co., Ltd.

    GHY Stone Company
    Offers granite and marble tiles, countertops, fireplace mantels, carved stones, monuments, and construction stone.

    Goonwa International Trading Co. Ltd.
    Manufactures fancy plywood for interiors and furniture.

    Great China Trading Co., Ltd.
    Supplies soundproof and chemical raw material.

    Guilin Metallurgical Machinery General Factory
    Manufacturer and exporter of synthetic diamond hydraulic press machines, rotary kiln and dryers, jaw crushers, and other mining and metallurgical machinery.

    Haiguang Lighting Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Selling a series of self-color bulbs, tungsten halogen lamps, and energy-saving lamps.

    Hancon Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of halogen, track and spot light, downlight, fluorescent, dichroic and desk lamps.

    Hangzhou Qingfeng Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.
    A Chinese and foreign joint-venture manufacturing the Qingfeng line of flooring.

    Hi Tak Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Eng. Ltd.

    Hollysen Metal Products Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of scaffolding in China, including ring systems, cup lock systems, clamps, and small-sized accessories.

    Hong Kong Aotle (Qingdao) Decoration Craft Work Co.; Ltd
    We are manufacturer and seller of artificial marble in China.

    Hong Kong Construction (Holdings) Limited
    Businesses include commercial and industrial construction, property development and investment, infrastructure and hotel investment.

    Hotpool Industries
    Supplies electric water heaters.

    Huiran Electronic Parts
    Produces a variety of transformers.

    Hung Tai Brass and Metal Wares Factory Limited
    Manufactures a variety of lamps, including table, floor, wall, chandelier, torchieres, and more.

    Ice Rink Management Asia Ltd.
    Ice rink builder and equipment supplier, and ice skating equipment supplier.

    INTE Industrial
    Manufactures low-voltage equipment including mini circuit breakers, overload protectors, and isolators.

    International Thunderbolt Technology Limited
    Ofers products and training class for lightning protection.

    Jengyu Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturers of ballast, power factors, chokes, transformers, and adaptors.

    Jin Kang Rong Lighting Electrical Equipment
    basic color energy saving lamps and new type ballasts.

    Moretti Electric Works
    Online catalogue and information center for the outdoor lighting manufacturer.

    Natrdy Electric Co.
    Offers kitchen ventilators as well as leaf and scavenger fans.

    Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd.
    International outfit.

    New World Infrastructure Limited
    Cargo handling, roads, bridges, power, water treatment and cement.

    Ningbo Changqi International Trade Co.,Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of PTFE tapes, adhesive tapes and stickers, plumbing hoses, shower heads, soap dispensers, and faucets.

    Ningbo Great Leisure Products Manufacturer
    Manufacturer and exporter of gazebos, camping tents, sunshades, beach chairs, and other outdoor products.

    Ningbo Haishu Thermal Bimetal Components
    Manufacturer of thermal bimetal components, thermal protectors, thermostats, defrosting timers, and more.

    Ninghai Star Lamp Co. Ltd.
    Products include halogen lights, palace lamps, and cold-light lamps.

    Osprey Project Management (Asia Pacific) Ltd.
    Providing project management services to construction and property industries.

    Pacific Crown Engineering
    Contractor providing construction and engineering and security guarding services. Also supplies labor workers and site management services.

    Pamon Declarative Materials Co., Ltd.
    Provide veneer joining wooden drawers and doors, wooden inlays, fancy plywood, hardwood flooring and lumber.

    Qianhui Lighting Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps etc. in China.

    QSM Systems
    Tendering and estimating software for contractors and estimators in the construction industry.

    Shanghai Lee Feng Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures car mats, door mats, and other household and automotive products.

    Shantou S.E.Z.
    Manufacturer and exporter of granite stone,polished granite tiles, slabs, countertops, and carvings.

    Shengwei Lighting
    Manufacturer of bound glass, pendant, and floor lamps, as well as outdoor lanterns and street lighting fixtures.

    ShenZhen Lei Xing Long Stone Co., Ltd.
    Wholesale Chinese stone/building materials, including marble, granite, and slate, etc.

    ShenZhen Sonlite Lighting Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of halogen par lamps.

    Shishang Hardware
    Specializes in producing stainless steel architectural hardware including door pulls and handles, kick plates, and bathroom accessories.

    Skilland Engineering, Ltd.
    Offers metal structural building systems, custom skylights, and rooflight units. Also provides installation services.

    Solar Brook International Co. Ltd.
    Producer and exporter of Chinese slate, sandstone, quartzite, flagstone, tumbled stone, and more.

    Solimento Co, Ltd.
    Supplier and contractor of all flexible floors: sports surfacing, athletic tracks, artificial turfs and safety mats for children playgrounds.

    Sports Technology International
    Supplier of sports surfacing products.

    Star Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
    Manufactures fluorescent lamps, bulbs, and sockes.

    Starwise Industrial (Hong Kong) Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of energy saving lamps.

    Suerda Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures a wide range of faucets for kitchens and bathrooms.

    Sunny Base International Ltd.
    Manufactures decorative lighting, motion detectors, night nights, and gift items.

    Sunny Lighting Electric International
    Manufacturer of fluorescent lamps, system lighting, electronic ballast, and magnetic transformers for home and office.

    Super Trend Lighting Ltd.
    Manufacturer of energy-saving lamps, globalsaver, four and six finger lamps.

    SVT China
    Manufacturer of Smart Switch, an intelligent energy-saving light dimmer.

    Taizhou Bada Valve Casting Co.
    Manufacturer and exporter of sanitary wares, kitchen faucets, bronze valves, floor drains, brass fittings, and bathroom accessories.

    Taizhou Benqiu Hardware Product Co.,Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of sanitary wares, faucets, bronze fittings, brass ball valves, nickel floor drains, and plastics rubber products.

    Taizhou Zhenzhong Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of sanitary wares, brass valves, faucets, copper tubes, brass fittings, and other bathroom accessories.

    Tong Tai International
    Manufacturer of CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs.

    Top Brass Hardware
    Produces and exports zinc alloy and brass handles and knobs.

    Wholesaler of tools and supplies for AC and refrigeration equipment from domestic air-conditioners, centrifugal chillers to commercial refrigeration.

    Manufactures and exports energy saving lamps, quartz down lights, and electronic transformers.

    Waigang Plumbing Equipment Factory
    Specialized in manufacturing series of Waigang water appliances.

    Wellmade Wooden and Bamboo Products Corp, Ltd
    Manufacturer of wooden and bamboo parquets and flooring.

    Wencan Hong Bang Die Casting
    Manufactures outdoor lighting and die castings.

    Wenzhou Yikun Electric
    Specializes in high-voltage products including zinc oxide lightning arresters, drop-out fuses, and composite insulators for railways, power companies, and industrial use.

    Wuxi Senda Bamboo and Wood Manufacturer Business
    Pressed bamboo floor manufacturer with IS-9002 certification.

    Xiamen Stone Enterprise Co., LTD.
    Supplies rough blocks and stone products.

    Xianfeng Machinery Factory
    Manufacturer and exporter of gate operators and door openers.

    Xiexing Stone Products Co.,ltd.
    Exporter and importer of granite tiles, slabs, tombstones, sculptures, and more.

    Ying Liang Group
    Importer/exporter of stone, marble, and diamond blades.

    Yixiong Electrical Appliance
    Manufacturer of electric heaters for residential use, including wall-mounted, fan, microwave hand-warmer, and halogen heaters.

    Yuxiang Granite and Marble
    Manufacturer of stone blocks, slabs, tiles, gravestones, fireplaces, tables and countertops, and more.

    Yuyao Four Star Lamps Co., Ltd.
    Makers of garden lanterns, courtyard lanterns and moisture-proof lamps.

    Zhejiang Tengyue Faucet Co.,Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of sanitary wares, kitchen faucets, valves, bathroom fittings, and accessories.

    Zhongshan Diamond Microlight Factory
    Specializes in manufacturing and designing contour-baked glass.

    Zhongshan San Nice Electrical Co.
    Manufactures fluorescent lamp fixtures, ballasts, and cable clips.

    Zhuhai Harbour Dafa Developing CO.
    Specializing in thermal insulation material along with fire-proof and acoustic items.

    Zodiac Lighting Limited
    Distributor of decorative and technical light fixtures and accessories.

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